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Paltalk messenger interop is not an independent software but it in an extra utility package through which Paltalk Messenger can be connected to other messengers like Yahoo!, AOL, and icq. To use Paltalk Messenger Interop, one needs to download Paltalk Messenger and log on to it with a registered nick name.
Once Paltalk is running and one is logged on to it with a registered nick, one can click on any icons at the top of messenger window to add friends friends from other messengers to Paltalk Pal List. For the first time, when one clicks on any icons of AOL, Yahoo! or icq, Paltalk Messenger Interop automatically starts downloading on your computer and is installed with a program application name "Paltalk Messenger Interop" in the list of your Programs (can be cecked by clicking on Start, All Programs/ Programs).
When the download is complete, one can enter the user names and Password of other messengers. Paltalk Messenger Interop will let one log on to that messenger and one would see their friends list in Paltalk's Pal List. The list will have seperate icon in Pal list for each messenger so that one can easily recognize as to from which messenger this specific pal is added.
Once friends are added in Pal List, one can send them instant messages through Paltalk Messenger and can invite them and have Private 1 on 1 chat in a private room created on Paltalk.
Paltalk Messenger Interop is a handy utility to communicate with friends on other messengers with out even starting other applications. If another application is even alreasy started, loging through Paltalk Messenger Interop will ask one to log off from that application and only then will it let one log on.

Abbas Jafar
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  • Auto download
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Talk to friends on other messengers without starting those
  • All friends put together on one messenger
  • Friends on other messengers read your messages as normal messages through those messengers


  • One has to be logged on to Paltalk to use this application
  • User gets a feeling that their Yahoo!, icq, or AOL password is being compromised
  • can only chat with friends on other messengers, cant manage them like blocking, showing offline etc
  • Some firewalls may stop download of this add on
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